User Policy

Please note that this application is intended to be downloaded and used by nationals of the country of India only. If you belong to any other country, you are warned to not download or use the application.

This End User license Agreement shall deem to be the governing agreement between (hereinafter referred to as “we”“us”“mobisafer” as the context may require) and the user of mobisafer services (hereinafter referred to as “you”“user” as the context may require)

Commencement OF Agreement

This Agreement shall deem to have come in to force at once, upon your using any of the services provided by mobisafer.

The terms and conditions contained in this Agreement are NON-NEGOTIABLE and are subject to acceptance “AS IT IS”. If you do not agree to this Terms and Conditions, you shall quit using mobisafer at ONCE, however your use of mobisafer, whether single use, multiple use or continuing use, shall deem to be considered as your express agreement to the terms and conditions of this Agreement Your use of the Services provided by mobisafer, whether single use, multiple use or continuing use, shall deem to be considered as consideration, sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged by you, to expressly agree to the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement.

Services provided herein are available only to those individuals/organizations that are competent to entire and form a legally binding and enforceable contract under applicable law.


“Account” means the Account registered by the USER on mobisafer

“Device” means any Computer System, Smart Phones, Tablets, or any other Electronic device which supports and is compatible for the use of “you”

“Monitor” means to monitor, track and collect the monitored information of the Target;

“Monitored Information” means any information, data, graphics, locations, calls, messages, emails, texts, etc. received from the device by use of mobisafer;

“mobisafer” shall mean and shall include mobisafer any other Website, Sub-Domains, Web Links, Web Applications, Android & IOS Applications, Windows Applications, Clouds, Programs, Computer Software and any other services provided by mobisafer;

“SERVICES” means any services provided by mobisafer from time to time;

“THIRD PARTY” means any person other than the “USER” or “TARGET”;

“TARGET” means a person who is monitored through mobisafer Services;

“USE” means to install and assess mobisafer and monitor the TARGET;

Objective of mobisafer

  • Enabling Parents to monitor their minor child’s online and offline activities;
  • Provide parental control to their minor’s handset devices
  • Monitoring Employees activities by the Employer during specified Employees working hour.

HOW mobisafer functions

USER shall register an Account with mobisafer

USER shall install mobisafer Application on the TARGETS Devicev Connect the Targets Device with User by input USERS LOGIN credentials / Access Code on TARGETS DEVICE

mobisafer will collect MONITOR INFORMATION from TARGETS DEVICE MONITORED INFORMATION will be send by mobisafer Application from Targets device to USERS Account by data connectivity.

User can review and save all the MONITORED INFORMATION.

mobisafer services & monitored INFORMATION

mobisafer provides following services to its users and monitors the following information of the Target:- Call Log History, GPS location, Calendar Updates, Text Messages, Emails, Web History, Call Recording, Social Media Activity Tracker, Live Monitoring, Application Tracker, Anti-Theft Tracker, SIM Change Alert, Any other services as may be added or deleted from time to time.

The aforesaid services are provided on “AS IS” and on “Availability” basis, without any warranty, guarantee or representation by mobisafer, that any of the services would be available for all the time, and that any such services when available would be accurate, error free, without any interruptions or would generate the desired results.

mobisafer may at any time suspend any of the aforesaid services or make addition to any of the aforesaid services at any point of time, without any notice or intimation to the USER.

Registration of USER

Any user desirous to avail and/or use the services of mobisafer shall be required to register with mobisafer on website by submitting the registering form online available on the mobisafer website.

mobisafer reserves the right to accept or reject the registration of user in its sole discretion with or without assigning any reason whatsoever.

User acknowledges that it does not have any right to get registered on the website and that mobisafer shall have final authority whether to accept or reject the user registration.

User shall enter only true, correct and accurate details for registration. If at any time it is so found that the information so entered at the time of registration is false, misleading and incorrect, mobisafer shall have right to forthwith cancel / terminate user registration and discontinue any services made available to such user.

User must provide all mandatory details as required for registration of user.

User shall fill up the registration form by himself, and shall not make use any robotics system, or any automated system for filing the registration form.

User shall not enter any details in the registration form which he consider confidential and do not intend to disclose. mobisafer do not guarantee or warrantee that the information entered by the User will remain confidential and will not be viewed by third party users.

User shall not create any spam or fake registration and / or shall not create multiple user account and/or shall not scrap the website database.

User shall be required to create a username and password for log-in in the website. User hereby agrees not to share or disclose its username and password to any third party whatsoever.

The username created by user shall not be abusive, racist, offensive or against statutory provisions relating to use of name.

User shall forthwith bring to the notice of mobisafer any unauthorized access of his user account or breach of any security knows to him.

Any licenses, permits, consents, approvals etc. which may be required for using the services of mobisafer on TARGET shall be obtained by the User at his own cost.

The User will ensure compliance with all notices or instructions posted on mobisafer website from time to time to enable the use of the Service.

The User agrees at all times to comply with the requirements of Information Technology Act 2000 as well as all rules, regulations, guidelines, bye laws and notifications made thereunder.

The User shall be responsible for the set-up or configuration of his system for accessing any Service

Conditions of mobisafer use

mobisafer is not a SPY software and is not to be used as such by the USER. Purpose of services provided by mobisafer is strictly to achieve the aforesaid objectives of (1) Parental Control over Minors; and (2) Employees Monitoring during the Employment Hours and it is to be used only for such designated purpose and none other.

mobisafer shall not be used to breach the privacy or spy on any Individuals. Any such illegal usage of the Services of mobisafer shall be construed as breach of this Agreement and upon knowledge of such Breach; mobisafer shall forthwith terminate the services and block the account of the USER, without any notice to the USER.

To use mobisafer, the user is required to register its Account with mobisafer and install mobisafer Application on the Devices of the TARGET which is intended to be monitored as per this Agreement.


mobisafer is the sole owner and title holder of all mobisafer services, including mobisafer Applications, Programming Codes, Designs, Logos, Websites, Web Applications, Databases, Logics and any other tangible or intangible intellectual property right associated, comprised and consisted therein, including any modification, improvements, enhancements etc. made therein.

mobisafer services may be available for FREE or for a subscription. In any such event, the user is only granted permissive right merely as LICENSEE to use the mobisafer, subject to the terms and conditions and restrictions herein contained in this Agreement.

It is clarified that USE of SERVICES of mobisafer by the USER is merely on license basis and it is not the transfer of property of any of the mobisafer services, proprietary or intellectual property rights.

NO Illegal use

USER shall not make use of mobisafer other than for the legitimate purpose for which the license is hereby granted to the USER.

USER shall not use any MONITORED INFORMATION FOR harassing, threatening, defaming or offending the TARGET or any third party.

User shall not share, leak, disclose, publish, part away or permit any third party to have access to any of the Monitored information of the TARGET.

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